Twin Win

Twin Win products allow investors to benefit from the full upside and limited downside movement in the underlying provided that the underlying does not fall below the Protection Level during its life. If the underlying falls in value, the investor benefits from the Twin Win effect which converts the negative performance of the underlying into a positive one. For example, depending on the percentage participation (see table) if the underlying falls to -20% from its initial level over the term, the investor will receive a 20% return i.e £120 for an initial investment of £100 (participation varies accross products). The Twin Win effect is subject to the underlying never falling below the Protection Level. Where the Protection level is breached, the investor will be exposed to the performance of the underlying as if he had bought it directly (one for one exposure). Capital is at risk.  Please refer to the product Term Sheet by clicking on the relevant product below.

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Intraday Perf = Intra-day performance from previous day's closing price.
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Future performance forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance. Gains or losses can be reduced or increased depending on the exchange rate and does not take into account charges, fees and charges incurred by any investor (e.g taxes, fees or other costs incurred by local regulations, brokerage fees or other fees levied by the financial intermediary). Before any investment, read the risk factors described in the prospectus available on this site.
Before commencing trading you should be comfortable that covered warrants are a suitable investment for you. In order to assist you with this assessment, please see the "Risk Warning".

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