How to Trade

Exchange Traded Products are listed on the London Stock Exchange and trade like a share through a UK stockbroker or wrap platform. This section will guide you through the trading process.

Trading hours

 Trades can be placed during the London Stock Exchange market hours which are between 08.05 and 16.30.

 Trading process

1.   There are various ways in which you can trade Exchange Traded Products – either through a standard stockbroker trading account or through a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP account). You will be able to trade online or by telephone. However, you cannot trade covered warrants and turbos within your Investment ISA

2. Once you have opened an account with a UK stockbroker, you can use the SG Listed Products website to research your potential investment

3.   When you have decided which product you want to invest in, make a note of the ‘EPIC’ code which can be found in the product listing table, or on any individual product information page.

4.   Use the EPIC code to identify your product with your broker. Then place an order with the amount you would like to buy and tell them to execute that order. 

5.   Some brokers may only deal with Exchange Traded Products over the telephone and you will need to call them with the relevant EPIC code.

6.   You can monitor the performance of your product on the London Stock Exchange itself, or on this website, or by contacting your broker.

7.  You can sell back your investment through your broker at any time during market hours in normal market conditions. 

 Important Information

Before investing, you will probably need to sign a Derivatives Risk Warning Notice (on paper or electronically), available from your stockbroker or financial provider to confirm you are aware of the risks involved in dealing in Exchange Traded Products.

Société Générale Acceptance or Société Générale Effekten acts as the market maker for Société Générale Exchange Traded Products, which means that they provide a price for each product (a bid/offer spread) on the LSE Order Book.  

A dedicated service is offered to professional investors in order to trade and create new products in demand. Please contact us on Société Générale has no facility to trade directly with retail investors. 

 Cost and Fees

- Your stockbroker will charge a dealing fee for trading an SG Exchange Traded Product in the same way as when you buy or sell a share.

 - The small difference between the buy price (Ask) and sell price (Bid) of an Exchange Traded Product is known as the Bid/Ask spread. The wider the spread, the greater the cost of selling back your Exchange Traded Product before it expires.

- Some ETNs may have an Annual Management Charge, which will impact the total profitability of your product.

 - Products offering Quanto currency protection will incur a Quanto fee. Details of any Quanto fee will be listed on the product information page

   Risk warning

Prior to any investment, you should make your own appraisal of the risks from a financial, legal and tax perspective, without relying exclusively on the information provided by us, both on this website and in the Final Terms for the products. We recommend that retail investors consult their own independent professional advisers before making an investment decision.

Société Générale Exchange Traded Products are issued by Société Générale Acceptance N.V. or Société Générale Effekten, both members of the SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE group of companies. Any failure by Société Générale Acceptance N.V. or Société Générale Effekten as Issuer, or by Société Générale as Guarantor, to make payments due under the product may result in the loss of all or part of your investment. You will have no claim for compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme nor by any similar scheme in the country where the Issuer is domiciled.  


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