Infinite Turbos

Infinite Turbos allow you to capture the full performance of an index, stock or commodity, at a fraction of the cost of investing directly. This creates a powerful leverage effect that can be used to enhance returns, reduce risk or hedge a position.

With the flexibility to profit from rising (Infinite Long) or falling (Infinite Short) markets, and the absolute transparency of being listed on the London Stock Exchange, Infinite Turbos put you firmly in control of your trading strategy.

Plus, like all SG leveraged products, although your capital is entirely at risk, you can never lose more than you invested. So controlling your risk is simple too.

Important Information regarding Warrants issued by SG Effekten (the “Products”)

We would like to inform you that, starting from 29/06/2020, the Products listed below will cease to be publicly offered and will move to a bid-only status (i.e. there will be no possibility to buy new units of the Products).

SG Effekten has started a delisting process of the Products and has requested the cancellation of the listing on the London Stock Exchange with effect from 04/09/2020, being clarified that the last day to trade (i.e. sell) the Products is expected to be on 03/09/2020.

An RNS announcement has been made on the London Stock Exchange and a notice to holders has been sent to the clearing system through the paying agent (documents are available in the Legal Documents section of each product page).

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any further information relating to this delisting process.

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Infinite Turbos (3 product(s) available)
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Underlying Type Strike KO Expiry Parity Bid* Ask* Active Effect Gear Intraday Perf +/- Spot EPIC
FTSE 100 Short 7,752.18 7,597.14 Open-ended 1000/1 £ 1.7390 (c) £ 1.7690 (c) Yes -- -- -- MF70
FTSE 100 Long 4,456.44 4,545.57 Open-ended 1000/1 £ 1.5270 (c) £ 1.5570 (c) Yes -- -- -- MF11
S&P 500 Long 1,916.07 1,954.39 Open-ended 1000/1 -- -- Yes -- -- -- MF19

Intraday Perf = Intra-day performance from previous day's closing price.
+/- Spot = Performance of the underlying relative to the previous day's closing price.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Future performance forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance. Gains or losses can be reduced or increased depending on the exchange rate and does not take into account charges, fees and charges incurred by any investor (e.g taxes, fees or other costs incurred by local regulations, brokerage fees or other fees levied by the financial intermediary). Before any investment, read the risk factors described in the prospectus available on this site.
Before commencing trading you should be comfortable that covered warrants are a suitable investment for you. In order to assist you with this assessment, please see the "Risk Warning".

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