Secondary Market Liquidity

  • Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) are continuously listed on the London Stock Exchange from 8.05 am to 4.30 pm with liquidity provided by Société Générale Option Europe (SGOE), SG or any affiliate thereof. 
  • SGOE, , SG or any affiliate thereof has signed a contract with the London Stock Exchange which oblige us to provide a bid/offer price on the order book under normal market conditions whatever the product in order to enable transactions. Unlike certain structured products, the beauty of exchange traded products is that they can be bought and sold at any time during the market hours, no need to hold the products until maturity. This allows for active management of the positions.
  • Since the price of an ETP is fixed by a formula, the market maker SGOE, SG or any affiliate thereof determines a fair price and send it to the stock exchange.
  • As a derivative instrument and unlike equities, the price of a listed products does not depend on its bid and ask, but comes from a calculation taking into account the underlying price for instance.
  • For other products, the calculation can involve other parameters such as interest rates, time value or volatility.
version : 4.38.0-SNAPSHOT