Smart tracking, a smarter way to buy the market

 Get the best of both worlds; the low cost, transparent and systematic nature of passive investing, and the strategic selection of an active fund. Smart Tracking ETNs

Smart Tracking ETNs are Exchange Traded Notes, which track the performance of a dynamic portfolio of stocks, bonds, ETFs or commodities. They are designed for sophisticated investors who want to be more strategic about their exposure to the markets.

Smart Tracking ETNS are essentially a passive investment which will rise and fall in value according to a selection of stocks, bonds, ETFs or commodities. As such, your profit or loss depends on the combined performance of those assets, much like a traditional tracker.

Where Smart Tracking ETNs are different, is in the way investments are selected. Although founded on the principles of passive investing, Smart Tracking ETNs offer an alternative, often more scientific approach to selecting assets. By being more selective about what is included, and how each component is weighted, Smart Tracking ETNs offer the potential to enhance portfolio returns at a lower cost compared to most active funds.


Your choice of Smart Tracking ETN will be largely driven by the strategy of the product, which will typically be determined by a third party investment manager. It is important that you are comfortable with their expertise, and the specific rules or parameters that define their asset allocation process.


Before trading for the first time (and periodically after) you should read the Product Guide and study the Final Terms. If you do not fully understand the product you should seek advice from a financial adviser prior to trading.



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Having read and understood the product guide for your chosen product, you can buy or sell a Smart Tracking ETN at any time during the trading day as live prices are provided on the London Stock Exchange. You cannot trade directly with Societe Generale but through a UK stockbroker in a dealing account, SIPP or ISA.

Smart Tracking ETNs are complex products. As such, your stockbroker will require you to complete a Complex Products Assessment prior to trading for the first time.


Smart Tracking ETNs aim to mitigate Counterparty Risk through the use of Collateral, which is posted by Societe Generale and held with The Bank of New York Mellon (Luxembourg) the independent custodian. The Collateral is monitored daily at market close to maintain 100% of the market value of the ETN. In the event that Societe Generale in their role of Guarantor should default or become insolvent, the ETN would terminate early and the Collateral assets would be sold to recover some or all of your investment. An intraday fall in the value of the Collateral could mean the product is not 100% protected.


Smart Tracking ETNs are suitable for sophisticated retail clients in the UK, who have a good understanding of the underlying market and characteristics of the security. In particular, it is important that, before you make any investment, you understand that you could lose all of your investment when investing in these products, even if they are held until the end of their term. You should read the Product Guide and Final Terms for your chosen product before making any investment. You should read the Final Terms carefully and keep it safe for future reference.


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