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27 Nov 2015

Notice to Shareholders

A notice has been published for the attention of holders of Tracker products with the following  EPIC Codes: S595, S946, S594, S599, S945 and S940.

24 Nov 2015

Asset Allocator: 24/11/15

In this week’s short article David Stevenson momentarily turns away from the macro-economic environment and turns his attention to analysing the merits and disadvantages of Smart Beta ETFs. David concludes his analysis by compiling a check list of factors investors should consider before investing in ETFs. 

17 Nov 2015

Asset Allocator: 17/11/15

In this week’s short article David Stevenson continues to analyse the fate of markets in the US. In order to explore the prospects for US equities David presents the fundamentals as well as summarising his take on current market sentiment. 

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