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25 Sep 2015

Asset Allocator: Judging Interest Rates

Following on from the Federal Reserve's decision not to raise interest rates earlier this month, David Stevenson's latest Asset Allocator post focuses on how interest rate rises have historically affected different asset classes and whether the conditions are right for rates to rise in 2015. Click here to read the full article

23 Sep 2015

David Stevenson: Do World Financials Present Value?

In his latest investment theme, David Stevenson presents a study into the current state of world financials, reviewing whether or not Bank stocks represent value in the current market. Through examining a number of technical factors and the potential short-term risks for the world financials, David examines whether there is a case for exposure within an ETF and what the current state of world financials can tell investors about other markets and the wider global economy. Click here to read the full article

17 Sep 2015

Asset Allocator: Assessing Market Volatility and Returns

In his latest Asset Allocator post, David Stevenson reviews the recent surge of volatility to view how spikes in volatility and liquidity affect ETF returns and risk levels. Click here to read the full article

16 Sep 2015

UKL5 and UKS5 are approaching expiry

Initially launched in October 2012, our two Daily Leverage products, UKL5 and UKS5, are set to expire on the 18th September 2015 with the settlement due on the 25th September 2015. For further details relating to the automatic cash settlement of these products investors should consult the final terms.Investors who wish to seek a similar exposure to 5 times the daily performance of the FTSE 100 TR Index, may be interested in our range of Short and Leverage ETPs which includes the SG FTSE 100 x5 Daily Long (5UKL) and the SG FTSE 100 x5 Daily Short (5UKS).

07 Sep 2015

SG Market Master is now live!

The SG Market Master virtual ETP trading challenge is now open for trading. Investors now have the opportunity to experience the full Short & Leverage ETP trading experience, conducting market research, constructing a portfolio and capturing the daily performance of their chosen index or commodity without risking a penny for real. Over the next 4 weeks, contestants will fight it out to see who can build the highest overall return from a portfolio of Short & Leverage ETPs.

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