Listed Products provide sophisticated retail and professional investors with a flexible, liquid and cost efficient way to access the global markets. Whether you are looking to leverage a short term market trend, capture a specific growth or income opportunity, or build a low cost and efficient investment portfolio, Societe Generale’s range of Covered Warrants, Structured Products or Lyxor ETFs can help.

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22 Jul 2015

New Short & Leverage ETPs

Societe Generale extend range of Short & Leverage ETPs. Investors can now gain 3 times the daily rise or fall of the FTSE 100 and Natural Gas Futures, without risking more than their initial investment. Find out more about the full range here. Or you can read our guide to Short & Leverage ETPs here. Short & Leverage ETPs are not suitable for everyone. Investors' capital is at risk and performance is compounded daily.

20 Jul 2015

Asset Allocator: Return to Oil Volatility?

In this week’s asset allocator, David Stevenson will review the recent Iranian deal that seems certain to have a profound effect on the availability and price of oil. With one of the world’s largest oil reserves now set to open up to international trade and increase its production by  more than one million barrels a day, there is an uncertain future scenario regarding oil’s prices and markets. David will share his opinion on this interesting and current topic, which may be dominating the headlines for a time.

17 Jul 2015

NEW ISSUES: 29 new Covered Warrants

Today we launched 29 new Covered Warrants covering a range of Indices and Stocks. These include Call Warrants and Put Warrants with various strike prices and expiry dates. For more information including product codes, please visit the New Issues page by clicking here. Covered Warrants are not suitable for everyone. Investors' capital is at risk. Failure of Societe Generale to perform obligations when due may result in the loss of all or part of an investment.

15 Jul 2015

Andrew McHattie: Key Dates and Events for Blue-Chip Stocks

With markets now well into the second half of the year, volatility and uncertainty have been established as recurring themes. With this in mind, Andrew McHattie turns his attention towards Blue-Chip stocks, believing that they present a safer alternative for investors. In his latest investment theme Andrew will review the key dates and events that investors should be keeping an eye on as we head into the second quarter results season.

13 Jul 2015

Asset Allocator: Is China a Crisis?

In this week’s Asset Allocator, David Stevenson looks at the recent fate of China where despite the eyes of Europe being focused on Greece, stock markets indices have fallen as much as 30% in the past weeks. David weighs up the two most prevailing thoughts surrounding China about whether we have entered a crisis phase or events are not as bad as some believe.

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